Specialists General Terms and Conditions

Registration to the Alpirsbacher Specialists Club is open to all interested natural persons over the age of 16 who are legally authorised to state their own declaration of intention. Membership commences on the day of registration and remains valid for an unlimited duration unless otherwise specified.  Limited membership also starts on the day of registration and expires e.g. after 365 days in the case of one-year membership, or after 712 days in the case of 2-year membership etc. Membership may be cancelled at any time. Should you wish to terminate your membership, simply write to Alpirsbacher Klosterbräu Glauner GmbH & Co. KG, Marktplatz 1, 72275 Alpirsbach or send an email to info@bierspezialisten.de. If a membership is activated again within 5 years after termination or the member decides on a new membership of the fan club within this period, the claims for a welcome package will not apply.

When applying for membership, all applicants agree to their personal data being collected, saved and used both offline and online in the following cases: The administration of the data has been assigned by Alpirsbacher Klosterbräu Glauner GmbH  & Co. KG to My-Club UG, Lünen. Furthermore, data is forwarded to and saved by
a) AVS GmbH Data Management & Customer Care, Bayreuth for the purpose of producing and ensuring the functionality of electronic membership cards; b) The data are stored for the creation of the online shop account for the free shipping order of the specialist (from a minimum order value of 35 euros). c) CleverReach GmbH & Co. KG, Rastede for the purpose of sending out newsletters. Data will not be transmitted to third parties - except in the specific case of suspected misuse. 

Membership to the Alpirsbacher Specialists Fan Club costs €18.80 per year. By clicking on the "Conclude chargeable contract" button in the Internet, the customer submits a binding application to conclude a contract of membership. Upon registration the member declares his/her agreement to pay the annual membership fee by direct-debit and authorises My-Club UG to draw these payments from the member's bank account per direct-debit once a year.  At the same time, the member authorises his/her bank to honour the direct debit payments drawn on this account.  Note: it is possible to demand reimbursement of the debited amount within eight weeks of the date of debit. The conditions agreed with the respective bank shall apply. Costs incurred through the reversal of a direct-debit shall be charged to the member. Reversal of payment incurs a bank and processing fee of € 10.00. We reserve the right to cancel membership after two unsuccessful attempts to draw payment by direct debit. The goods sent to the member shall remain the property of Alpirsbacher Klosterbräu Glauner GmbH & Co. KG until they are fully paid for. Should membership fees not be paid, the member shall be obliged to return the received goods to Alpirsbacher Klosterbräu Glauner GmbH & Co. KG at his/her own expense.

On terminating his/her membership to the Alpirsbacher Specialists Fan Club, the member agrees to destroy his/her membership card or to return it. The membership card is not transferable. We reserve the right to refuse an application of membership. Alpirsbacher Klosterbräu Glauner GmbH & Co. KG and My-Club UG agree to comply with the legally binding rules of data privacy protection.

Alpirsbacher Klosterbräu Glauner GmbH & Co. KG • 72275 Alpirsbach • Germany