Our Values

We are independent entrepreneurs and therefore not restricted by limits imposed by large concerns.

In a market characterised by concentration and globalisation, we treasure our independence and take the liberty to do exactly what, and only what, we consider to be correct and important.  

We are not under any obligation towards international corporate managers or stock markets and are therefore free to stand by our long-term partners even in difficult times. 

Maintaining “Sustainable economic policies” translates for us to taking the requirements of the people seriously without burdening future generations. To achieve this, we attach greater importance to lasting and stable structures than to fast profit.  Whether customers, employees or partners – treating fellow human beings with respect is our first priority. As Free Brewers we stand for a personal, long-term-orientated and responsible business style, which differs deliberately from a shareholder-value-orientated style of management. This is the liberty we allow ourselves.

1.     We accept long-term responsibility - as employer and trainer, as                     promoter of young people and business partner.

2. We offer a wide variety of pure taste experiences.

3. The beers we brew – out of the best raw materials – have their                       own distinctive character.

4. We demand from ourselves nothing less than the highest quality.

5. One of our top priorities is the responsible utilisation of our

6. We devote ourselves to our trade in the fourth generation with passion
        and pride. 

7. We work towards maintaining local workplaces and encourage a
        healthy, regional economic structure.

8. The code of conscious awareness in beer enjoyment

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The Alpirsbacher Klosterbräu actively supports campaigns to enforce existing legal regulations such as the law for the protection of young persons or regulations against drunken driving, in order to prevent anti-social behaviour arising as a result of abusive and harmful consumption habits. We offer our support to social groups (e.g. traffic and automobile associations, parent initiatives, nutritionists and the media etc.) as well as to national and local government agencies, also in the form of alliances, •   to enable young persons and adults to adopt a sensible approach to the consumption of alcoholic beverages, •   to learn and be aware of the risks and harmful consequences of excessive alcohol consumption at an early age, •   to take active measures to prevent alcohol-related damage arising before it even starts. 



"Use your beer sense"
"Don’t drink and drive"
"Alcohol? Sorry. Only over the age of 16/18"